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24. November 2017 - 6:00

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Due to its environmental benefits and favourable impact on air quality, natural gas is the most suitable energy source in urban areas.

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The remote heating system is well established in Ljubljana which is why all new facilities that are constructed in an area will be connected to it.

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First public CNG filling station with which Energetika Ljubljana is expanding its activity to the supply of fuel for motor vehicles.

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For customers

When designing offers and/or services we are guided by the satisfaction of our customers.

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Energetika Ljubljana, d.o.o., as we know it today, was founded in 1981.

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Energetika Ljubljana, d.o.o., performs the activity of the remote supply of heat (hot water and steam), cooling and natural gas.

Javni holding Ljubljana

Providing services to ensure a regular supply to our customers.



Management of the drinking water supply systems, sewerage and municipal waste water treatment plants.


Ljubljanski potniški promet

Providing safe, reliable and smooth-running public transport.



Collecting and removing all types of waste, depositing waste remains and cleaning roads, streets and markets.